What You Need to Know About Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates are one of the ways to childproof your household. It allows convenient protection for your baby or your toddler. They help keep babies and toddlers away from stairways and unsafe areas. It comes in different sizes and materials like wood, plastic, steel, even fabric.

There are two types of safety gates: pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted safety gates. Pressure-mounted gates do not require mounting kits. It only applies pressure on to the wall it is mounted on. It is the portable type of safety gate, so to speak. On the other hand, hardware-mounted gates are screwed onto the wall and are usually used for stairways since they would be permanently mounted on the wall and would provide sturdy protection for your children.

Older types of safety gates are the accordion-style with v-shaped openings on the top side and diamond-shaped openings on the body which proved to be hazardous to children. These safety gates were posing easy child entrapment and strangulation hazards to the children and have not been sold since 1985, though you can still find some of these in thrift shops and garage sales.

Baby safety gates are commonly used on stairways, doorways and some irregular openings in the home. On stairways, hardware-mounted gates are recommended since the support on the gate is sturdy. You can either use them on top or at the bottom of the stairs. On doorways, pressure gates are more appropriate since you can position the gate in such a way that the pressure bar is away from the child. These gates require solid and regular surfaces to mount on.

On irregular openings, like a step-down living room for example, there are safety gates that have panels that are expandable so you can contour or widen the gate according to the space that you would like to put it on. There are some things that should be considered when picking out safety gates. It should have a straight top edge with rigid bars. Or if the safety gate’s body has small diamond-shapes, there should be a mesh on it. It should securely anchor to where it is mounted and convenient and easy to operate.

Baby gates are poor substitutes for supervision of an adult over a child. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association says that the recommended use for safety gates would only be the first 6 to 24 months of a child. They also said to discontinue the use of the gate when it is less than 3 quarters of your toddler’s height, when your toddler has learned to climb over it or to open it. There are other safety gates that would help you protect your child at home. You may also use hearth gates, window gates or portable mesh gates baby stair gates.

There are baby gates that you could in some areas of your household like hearth gates, windows gates and portable mesh gates. Hearth gates provide safety for anyone when you have a fire in the fireplace on those cold days. These gates help prevent burning of people and accidental burns on the household as well.

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