Buying Property in France? You Should Consider the Limousin

Buy property or real estate in the Limousin? Why I hear you ask? There are may reasons why you should consider it. No crime, a sense of community, friendly locals, a good climate and the cheapest properties for sale in France, are just some of the reasons why, that if you are considering a property purchase in France, you should seriously consider the Limousin.

Eights years ago, when my family and I moved to France from England, the communications to this region were non-existent. Now with the rise of no-frills airlines, getting to the region from the UK and many other parts of Europe is simple, fast and cheap. You can even be in Paris in less than 2 hours on the train, so accessibility from all over the world is no problem.

The property/real estate prices offer the best value in France and now, thanks to the new forward thinking government of Mr Sarkosy, property values will continue to rise at an even faster rate, as an area that was lost on the world, now begins to grow in popularity. Property to the north in the Loire Valley and to the south in the Dordogne are now over getting over valued and so the natural progression is for property purchasers to seek out the cheaper properties in the region in the middle – which can only go up in value.

If you are planning on moving to france then go for it.It’s a good thought.

Apart from the excellent communications and the very real opportunity of making substantial gains on property, it is also a wonderful place to live. Our three young children were all born here and it is a wonderful feeling to know we can open the back door, let them go out and play and we know they are in a completely safe environment – something you just cannot put a price on and something that is just not possible in many parts of the world.

So if you are considering a property purchase in France you really should look at the Limousin.

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